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Add kids survival kits to your storefront or online store. Survival kits are very popular these days. Connect your business quickly with the best of the best USA based wholesale survival kit distributors & wholesale drop shippers.

In order to run a successful kids survival & outdoor product business, you will need to connect with the best wholesale warehouses. Here at Survival Drop Ship – we specialize in top quality wholesale survival kits & survival gear. Drop shipping is available for online sellers. Kids Survival Kits are useful and sell very well. Product data feeds in CSV format are available from select distributors. You will need a tax id or business license to participate. This is real wholesale. Real wholesale deals.

In the event of a natural disaster, being prepared is extremely important. Here at Survival Dropship, our group of American wholesale sources supply top quality kids survival products such as backpack survival kits, bucket style survival kits, children’s survival kits, large duffle bag style survival kits, first aid kits, food & water kits, pet emergency kits, emergency roadside kits, batteries, food storage kits, tools, shelter & warmth products, light & communication products and don’t forget food storage buckets.

When faced with a disaster, you will need more than just food & shelter. Other wholesale survival products that will come in handy are: 2-way radios, CB radios, battery powered lights, camp fire products, tents, cots & sleeping bags, gun supplies, hunting supplies, lanterns, mosquito nets, medical & trauma kits, portable showers, portable toilets, propane stoves & signal lights. Kids Survival Kits are a great idea for schools and after school programs. Wholesale kids survival kits are readily available.

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Kids Survival Kits

This is a high-quality backpack. We designed this pack so that you can store many items in several spacious pockets. It is very strong and durable. It has chest straps, padded shoulder straps, a reflector stripe, a headphone hole, and many other features. Wholesale survival club USA is the #1 leader in wholesale survival kits and wholesale survival products dropshipping sources.

Wholesale Pricing is Hidden From The Public! Tax ID Required To Become A Kids Survival Kit Dealer. Wholesale & Drop Ship Only. No Public Access. Wholesale Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Outdoor & Hunting Products, Long Term Food Solutions, Emergency Communication Products, Camping Gear & More. CSV Product Data Files Are Available. Load Your Web Site Easily and Effectively. Buy Wholesale Survival Gear & Survival Kits From USA Based Wholesale Distributors and Drop Shippers. Start a Survival Products Business With Very Little Cash Outlay. We Also Offer Optional Web Development Services. Call (760) 994-0710 for Wholesale Survival Product Information as well as Access To Our Wholesale Distribution & Drop Shipping Sources Database.

Sell things people need. Help people survive & thrive. Below are examples of survival gear that you can sell online or through any type of small store. You can also sell survival gear at your local flea market or swap meet.

Emergency kit wholesale suppliers carry a wide range of products including the following: Drop shipping is provided for online sellers.

Gauze pads ( 100+ ) Assorted Sizes
10 large gauze pads
A large box of adhesive bandages
5 gauze rolls
Two triangular large bandages
Wound cleaning products
Scissors – small & portable
At least one blanket – large & cozy
Tweezers – standard
Duct Tape – 5 rolls
Latex gloves – large
Resuscitation equipment
Splint – large & small
Water, one gallon of water per person per day
Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food – canned goods
Battery-powered radio and a Weather Radio with tone alert
First Aid kit – large, and with carrying case
Emergency Whistle – durable and weather resistant
Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
Dust mask pack of 10
Wrench or pliers
Can opener – not the cheap kind
Rain gear – ponchos
Mess kits, paper cups, paper plates and plastic utensils
Plenty of Cash or debit card – credit card
Paper towels – large rolls
Fire Extinguisher – small – portable
Tents 3 assorted tents

Kids Survival Kits
Waterproof Matches
Signal flares
Paper, pencil – pen
Important Family Paperwork
Emergency food bars
Fire starter
Rolls of Cordage
Pocket Knife
Survival Knife
Heavy Jackets
Fingernail Clippers
Pots and pans
Propane Stove
Hunting Supplies
Extra Cell Phone
Solar Charger
MP3 Player for entertainment
Bluetooth Speaker
Long Sleeve Shirt
Extra Socks
Shovel for digging wells
Bug Net
Rubber Band
Traps – Snares

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